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Colette Hebert & Richard Council

Colette at the Bar It is not often that a "gringa" wins admiration andrespect from the exclusive club of Argentinian Tango Masters.

The Montreal native, fluent in English, French and Spanish, and who is also an established painter as well as a tireless traveler, studied both in Buenos Aires and abroad with classical tango masters like Rodolfo and Maria Cieri and Mingo Pugliese. She also studied with modern teachers like Juan Carlos Copes and Osvaldo and Miguel Angel Zotto. Through them - and many others - Colette has developed a unique, solid and profound understanding of the intricacies of tango movement which makes her one of the most admired and sought-after teachers and dancers in North America.

Colette and Richard Richard Council is well versed in the techniques and styles of a wide variety of partnership dances and a veteran of many performances. Captivated by the musical and elegant personality of the dance he turned to tango when he met Colette in 2001 and studied with her until they later became dance partners. Since then he and Colette have traveled to Japan, Argentina and around the United States to teach many workshops and perform with some of the biggest names in tango today.

Colette and Richard Together Colette and Richard share a love of dancing and teaching tango. Their ability to communicate through dance and music gives a sense of something special and magical. They have performed with many great entertainers including Susana Jimenez, Orquestra Contratiempo, Estela Raval, and some of the most phenomenal dancers from Forever Tango, Tango Dreams and many other companies.

In 2003 they won the IDO United States Argentine Tango Championships and in 2005 competed in the World Championships held in Buenos Aires where they were finalists in Tango Salon and semi-finalists in Performance Tango. Colette and Richard have become one of the most respected and sought-after Tango teachers and performers in North America.

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