Johnny Robinson

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Johnny Robinson

Johnny Robinson

Johnny Robinson's early film career began in 1972 in San Francisco with actor/director Curtis Imrie. Johnny worked on low budget dramatic feature films as well as documentaries on Western outdoor themes.

Starting in 1976 Johnny turned to graphic design and illustration. He entered Syracuse University in 1984 where he received his BA with honors in Illustration and then a MFA also in Illustration.

In 1991 Johnny started commercial animation with producer Bruce MacCurdy in Syracuse New York. This led to work in a local animation studio; Animotion. Johnny began taught at Rochester Institute of Technology from 1999 to 2009 and served as Animation Department Chair from 2000 to 2003.

"Visual Lyrics" is Johnny Robinson's first documentary video and his first personal film. Johnny's second film, a stop motion animated short titled "Dr. Zond Controls the Weather" Is being released in December of 2005

In June of 2009 Johnny moved to Champaign / Urbana Illinois where he started Champaign Movie Makers and begain his involvement in the community. Johnny's other interests include Argentine Tango dancing, figure drawing, wilderness camping and running.

Jennifer Horak

Jennifer Horak

Jennifer M. Horak holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts:Production/Design from the Pennsylvania State University. After working in costume design and construction in professional theater for several years, Jennifer became involved with the National Theatre of the Deaf. There she began to learn American Sign Language and soon after, earned an A.A.S. Degree in Educational Interpreting from NTID at RIT.

She has worked for over fifteen years at RIT as a full time staff interpreter and for the past ten years as the Coordinator of Interpreting Services for Student Clubs, Activities and Organizations.

During this time she has thoroughly enjoyed her experiences interpreting for hundreds of performing artists ranging from Mandy Patinkin and Petula Clark to Richie Havens and Coldplay.

Jennifer also enjoys Argentine Tango, interior design and training and fostering dogs who are seeking permanent placement.

You may Email Jennifer at jmhdis a t

Film Credits

Performance Interpreters:
J David McCloskey
Jody C. Gill
Jennifer M. Horak
Sarah J. Hart
Caleb Shulman
Nancy Kaplan

Performer Interviews:
Vance Gilbert
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Robbie Schaefer
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Barry Marshall

Patron Interviews:
Dorothy Steele
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Voice Interpreters:
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Jennifer M. Horak
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Eddie From Ohio
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Crew: Summer 2003
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Producer Director:
Johnny Robinson

Assistant Producer
Jennifer M. Horak

Edited by:
Johnny Robinson

Assistant Editor
Meegan Zeh

DVD Authoring: Virginia Orzel   •  DVD Printing: Spinergy in Rochester, NY

Special Thanks:
Anne Saunders  •   Howard Randall  •   Harry Keates  •   Donna Grande  •   Glenn Drinkwater  •   Arnie Sirlin  •   Kevin Lamark  •   J David McCloskey

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